Work & travel job opportunities for International Students

Hero provides international students with a fun way to earn money and fund your travels, by arranging trips for your friends across Australia, NZ, Fiji and beyond!

Are you an international student, planning to study or currently studying in Australia? Need a way to earn $$$. Want to travel Australia, New Zealand or Fiji before heading home?

Hero offers you a fun and social way to fund your time in Australia by arranging trips, tours and travel for your friends and fellow students, at your student accommodation, on campus and online.

Work anytime, anywhere as an independent travel ambassador, using Hero's user-friendly platform to search for trips and tours, build itineraries, process secure payments and make bookings.

We've got your back! We'll connect you with an experienced Hero Agent, who is available to answer your questions and provide support and advice on how best to promote and sell travel. Hero's support team is also available via Live Chat to assist with system-based questions.

Get paid weekly! Every Friday, Hero deposits commission for bookings made direct into your bank account.

All you need is a laptop running Google Chrome, an Australian bank account to receive commission payments and an Australian Business Number (ABN), which can be applied for here.

Contact us to find out more!