Hero Connect

Sell online with the Hero Connect booking widget.

New for 2022: Sell your own products with third party tours & accommodation on your website with Hero’s easy-to-use booking widget.

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Step 1

Sign up.

Sign-up as a Hero Agent to browse the wide range of suppliers and products available in Hero’s marketplace.

Step 2

Set up...

Apply the necessary DNS settings to your site and add the Hero Connect booking widget to your product pages.

Step 3

Start selling!

Customers book and pay – quickly and securely online, receiving tickets instantly by email.

PCI Secure & Trust-Backed

Secure payments.

Designed for ultimate customer peace of mind. Payments are processed via Hero’s PCI-DSS  merchant facility, with funds held securely in trust before automated disbursal to you and your suppliers after customers have travelled.

Agents & Operators

Built for Packaging.

Travel resellers, tour operators and accommodation providers can now sell a wide range of ‘live’ products. Build dynamic packages to combine your products with others from your favourite suppliers.

Trusted by the world's leading travel brands.

Common Questions

How does it compare to Hero's other online solutions?

Access a comparison here.

What products can be sold?

You can sell almost any ‘live’ product within Hero’s marketplace from categories of:

  • Tours, Activities & Attractions
  • Accommodation
  • Packages of the above

What can't be sold?

  • Flights (not available in Hero)
  • Cruises (not available in Hero)
  • Car Hire
  • Campervan Rental

Are products booked live?

Most products within Hero’s product marketplace can be sold ‘live’ with customers choosing their preferred date and time based upon schedules and availability pulled directly from the suppliers reservation system.

Some products lack this connectivity and must be sold ‘open-dated’, where customers receive a ticket with a flexible period of time in which it can be redeemed, i.e. within 1-year.

What are the technical requirements to get setup?

Hero Connect is easy to setup and use. An SSL Certificate is needed plus a new subdomain added to your site, i.e. hero.yourdomain.com

From there, a simple snippet of code is added to product pages on your site to populate the widget within an iframe.

Is it WordPress compatible?

Yes, Hero Connect is available on any CMS, including WordPress.

What versions of the widget are available?

  • Single-product widget – displays a single product or package
  • All-product widget – displays a drop-down list of all products available from a single supplier, allowing users to choose their required option.

Does the widget come in different sizes?

One size is available with a vertical layout. The checkout process is optimised for mobile device, tablet and desktop.

I don't have a website but want to sell online.

No worries! Hero can suggest a WordPress developer / designer who can produce a brand new site for you, built to your brand specifications.

Or, simply request a personalised landing-page on our Affiliate-powered site, tour.store.

Is it a white-label solution?

No, the widget provides live-booking functionality within your website, which you must populate yourself with product listings / images / descriptions etc.

Can I discount?

This feature is coming soon.

You will have the ability to discount some products up to the value of your commission. However, we recommend adopting a smarter suite of unique selling points rather than simply cheaper prices.

Suppliers may be concerned if you simply undercut their rates online, so it’s crucial to represent products accurately and add-value for your customers.

As an example, Hero’s packaging functionality enables you to develop customised combos to make it easier for your customers to purchase multiple items, such as a accommodation, tours and transport combined. Optional add-ons and upgrades can also be offered.

Can I use Facebook and Google tracking to monitor conversions.

Not at this stage.

Can I sell products located overseas and in other currencies?

Yes, any live product in Hero’s global marketplace can be sold. The currency used is based upon your Hero account setup.

How can I view the products available?

Once signed-up as Hero Agent you’ll have access to the Hero Portal to search for products in your chosen locations. From there you can copy widget codes (to paste into your site) and use Hero’s Package Builder to setup combos.

How are Packages managed?

Hero’s Package Builder enables you to construct your own packages containing multiple products, add-ons and variations.

As an example, you may combine:

  • Product A, B & C for a fixed retail rate.
  • Product A, B & C and bundle Product D as an added extra.

Packages can be sold open-dated or set-date. Date-offset rules allow you to determine the chronological flow of each inclusion, such as:

  • Product A on Day 1
    Product B on Day 2
  • Option of Product C or D on Day 3.

Customers choose from the / any options available, pay the total RRP and then receive tickets for each separate inclusion.

What costs are involved?

A small setup and annual fee applies. From there, a simple booking fee is deducted from your commission. Credit Card fees are set as customer-payable or these can be absorbed by you if you prefer.

What commission do I earn?

Commission rates on Hero vary per product, but after fees often range from 5-15%.

You can also negotiate unique commission rates and offers directly with your suppliers.

What about cancellations & refunds?

You can determine if you wish customers to contact you to request a refund – perfect for experienced agents who may amend trips for customers. Or, customers submit a cancellation request online via Hero – best for affiliates.