Access a global marketplace of products via the world's best supplier reservation systems.

Live Suppliers

We go direct to the source.

Hero’s product marketplace is fuelled by direct API connections with supplier reservations systems including Fareharbor, Rezdy, Siteminder, Checkfront, Zaui, Customlinc, Respax, ProCharter and more.


Catering to every operator.

Suppliers without API integration capability can also list of Hero. Product information, rates and schedules are pre-loaded and availability confirmed by suppliers via automated SMS / email requests sent via the platform.


Need unique products?

Hero’s marketplace is customised for your region and unique requirements. Simply, invite your suppliers to sign-up and Hero’s onboarding team will take care of the rest.

Suppliers sign-up here.

Clever contracting

Eliminate admin. Sign-up, sign-in and start selling.

Hero manages the contracting process with every supplier on your behalf, eliminating the need for you to complete credit applications and provide security bonds or prepayment.

Commission control

Negotiate commission rates directly with your suppliers.

Hero is designed to be customised. Access the great commission rates listed by suppliers on Hero and negotiate unique rates, products and deals with your preferred suppliers.