19 May 2020

Hero’s automated payments just got faster!

As our industry navigates the impacts of COVID-19, the financial practices of travel agents, OTAs and intermediaries are under scrutiny. Hero is taking the lead and fast-tracked planned development to support the industry with an even better payment process.

Coming June 2020, Hero will introduce ‘Hero Faster Payments’, automatically initiating payment to operators for confirmed bookings as soon as they become non-refundable (eg 14 day prior to travel). This means in many cases operators will now receive funds prior to the travel date.

Hero’s payment processes already streamlines the flow of funds between customers, agents and operators. Unlike other B2B systems, Hero removes the requirement for operators to manually claim vouchers for dated bookings, leaving them free to focus on running their business, not chasing money.

Customers pay in advance to secure seats, and funds are held in trust allowing Hero to efficiently process payments and refunds to both agents and customers in line with operator cancellation policies. These policies are easily configured in Hero and operators have added peace of mind knowing they’ll be paid in full for any ‘no-shows’. Refunds are processed without operators needing to sign direct-debit agreements with Hero, and sales commissions are allocated to agents the same day the booking is made.

Do you need a Hero?

Hero launched in 2015 to provide the travel industry with an independent and unbiased B2B booking and automated payment solution. We continue to deliver on our promise:

  • Hero is independently owned, industry neutral and unbiased
  • Operators control commissions and can set varying levels per agency
  • We do not compete with our partners
  • Payments guaranteed on time, every time

To find out more about how Hero can help your travel business, email [email protected] or hit the link below.