We’re upgrading Hero Payments

Based on feedback from agency partners and to ensure Hero Payments stays fully compliant with the ever-changing technical and legal requirements of card payment acceptance, our payments solution is getting a makeover!


Card Acceptance & Compliance

Banks and credit card issuers consider the travel industry to be ‘high risk’, and with ever-changing compliance demands to meet it’s now almost impossible to set yourself up with in-person and online payment facilities.

Hero Payments can cater to your card processing requirements in a fully compliant manner!

Plus, payments are no longer restricted to just Visa and Mastercard. Hero Payments now supports American Express at no additional cost, along with support for the latest rules governing PCI and payment processing financial obligations.

Digital Wallet Payments

For added convenience, Hero Payments now accepts digital wallet payments including Google Pay and Apple Pay when eQuote payments are made from a compatible device.

Buy Now, Pay Later

By popular demand, we’ve added buy-now, pay-later schemes including AfterPay, ClearPay, Klana, ZipPay and Apple Pay Later.  If your customers have these facilities, you’ll get paid upfront and your customers can make payments over time.

Online Security Upgrades

With Hero’s eQuote facility, you can digitally share itineraries with your customers, allowing them to pay online. Our recent upgrade means eQuote is available to resellers in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the USA and Europe. In addition, advanced fraud protection now comes as standard and at no additional cost.

Hero Terminal

New to Hero Payments is Hero Terminal, allowing you to confirm itinerary details with customers over-the-counter (as shown) and accept payment via contactless tap, dip or swipe (depending on the card type).

Processing is a breeze! Unlike a standalone EFTPOS terminal, with Hero Payments there’s no need to manually enter in amounts, perform daily settlements or even check your bank account to reconcile EFTPOS deposits, as everything is automated and recorded in Hero.  It’s quick, easy, and means no mistakes!

Any refund processed in Hero where funds are due back to the customer are automatically sent back to their card – they don’t even need to be in-store for this to happen!