Give some love with Hero!

We’re asked a lot about the functionality within Hero which allows suppliers to offer varying commission rates to their agents. It seems to be a hot topic, so we’ve written this article to provide an insight into how it works…

Unlike with other travel sales platforms, Hero is not a wholesaler. We’re a software solution, providing agents and suppliers with an online marketplace to do business together. As a result, we don’t ‘control commissions’ and suppliers have complete autonomy to adjust their commission rates as they see fit.

Suppliers can easily create Agent Groups, and apply specific rules.

For example:

  • Make my products visible to this Group only
  • Hide my products from this Group
  • Give this Group extra commission, i.e +5%
  • Apply a discount to retail rates for this Group, i.e -$5


Once adjustments are set by the supplier, they’re instantly available on Hero. And, again Suppliers have the ability to add / remove / edit Agent Groups and rules at any time.

Should an agent receive an increase in commission, the product will appear within their search results with red love heart, indicating that a bonus commission is in place.

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