Hero Events launched at Redcliffe Kite Fest

We’re excited to announce the latest development to the Hero platform – Hero Events. Launched this week at Redcliffe Festival’s annual KiteFest, with over 40,000 visitors over two days, Hero Events was used to welcome visitors into the festival with pre-purchased tickets sold via the Visit Moreton Bay Region website, also powered by Hero.

Hero Events is a unique event ticketing solution, allowing event organisers to move away from traditional cash or card entry gates, and replace them with a modern digital equivalent. Staff and volunteers simply use a mobile device to welcome visitors, by scanning ticket QR codes on visitors’ phones.

Built for Reliability

Hero Events utilises hardware and software developed specifically to operate in an ‘offline’ environment, essential for events held in locations where internet access may be limited.

Hero CEO James Clay comments, “We have designed and built Hero Events with reliability in mind, suited to event locations without internet connectivity. All ticketing data is synchronised in real-time across scanning devices at the gates ensuring fraudulent tickets are not permitted. Guest lookups, ticket information, split arrivals, pass-outs and VIP functionality are all catered for within the solution, providing visitors with a streamlined entry experience.”

Moreton Bay Region Industry & Tourism, Digital Marketing Manager Renee Gusa said “The queue for pre-paid entry was fast and efficient, never getting more than about 10 customers deep, even during the morning rush, while cash and card entry saw queues were up to 100 attendees deep.  Next year we expect a significant increase in the number of festival attendees that will pre-pay, opting for a faster experience upon arrival.”

“We plan to use Hero Events for as many future events as possible, both festival and business, given the ease of use and reliability of the system at KiteFest. The fact we can use iPhones and iPads to manage the ticketing process in an offline environment makes this product perfect for our needs”.

Event Packaging

Built specifically with regional tourism in mind, Hero enables event organisers to sell tickets online, standalone or packaged in combination with local tours, activities, transport and accommodation. This provides a unique solution for boosting local tourism, encouraging extended stays and additional spending within the region.

Renee Gusa agrees, “Because Hero allows us to package event tickets with accommodation, transport and other local tours and activities, we are able to encourage visitors to stay an extra night or two and experience some of the other great attractions we have to offer in the region.  This has a huge positive impact on the local tourism industry, as guests are more likely to stay longer and experience more, rather than coming just for a single event.”

If you’re an event organiser looking for a ticketing solution, feel free to contact us.