Intro Travel’s New Balintro Brochure

The crew at Intro Travel have released an amazing brochure for their exciting new ‘Balintro’ tour, launching in July. Balintro follows the award-winning concept pioneered with Intro Travel’s OzIntro and ThaIntro products. The trip includes 9 days of partying, adventure and relaxation, travelling from Kuta to the tropical Gili Islands. Those looking to prolong the experience can add a 3-day adventure in the mountains of Ubud, extending the trip to a total of 12 days.

Over the past few months, we’ve been busy loading hundreds of trips and tours into Hero. Each product is carefully ‘tagged’ with useful keywords to help Agents find the best results for their customers. Without a doubt, Balintro is the only trip to be tagged with catchy keywords such as ‘thermal springs’, ‘monkey forest’ & ‘sunrise volcano trek’. We can’t wait for the Agent famil! ; )

Check out the brochure here, contact the crew at Balintro to order printed brochures, and be sure to Like them on Facebook for product news and updates.