The importance of Video

Facebook announced this week that it sees four billion video streams on its network every day. In just two days, that’s equivalent to more than 1 video for every person on the planet, and three quarters of these views are on mobile. Both video content and mobile browsing are exploding… so, does your travel business have a great promotional video?

If not, it’s about time you produced one, and this doesn’t need to blow your annual marketing budget.

Ultimate Travel recently unveiled a video for its new Ultimate Vietnam tour, and we reckon it’s a perfect example of an amazing video produced at a reasonable price. The video was shot and produced by an ex-UltimateOz customer, Claude Sadik, and after watching it a few times, it’s so good, we can almost taste the rice paper rolls!

We’ve designed Hero with video in mind, providing Agents with easy access to high-res product photos and videos. If you have a great video for your trip, tour or property, let us know, and we’ll ensure it’s included in your product listing on Hero.

Check out the Ultimate Vietnam video (above) and view more of Claude’s work at