Backpacker break-ups are inevitable!

Backpackers are a fickle bunch! Within days of arriving in Oz, they’ve generally made loads of new friends and decided to band together and travel Australia as a group. Life on the road can be tricky though, and often these new ’best mates’ decide to adjust their travel plans and part ways, often in opposite directions.

If you’re the Travel Agent who sold the trip, this poses a potential nightmare. You’ll be called upon to split the booking and issue separate vouchers, often involving cancelling all unclaimed vouchers and creating new bookings for each passenger. It’s a pain-staking and time-consuming process, with little or no financial reward.

With Hero, we’ve catered for the inevitable break-ups! Passengers can book their trip as a group, and pay together or separately. Once the sale is confirmed, each passenger receives their own personalised vouchers, with unique voucher numbers, which are all linked to the same Group Booking Reference.

This way, should the group break-up, each passenger can go their own way, with their own vouchers, requiring no real effort for the Travel Agent!