Winter is coming… time to update the website!

Winter is definitely coming, and depending on the location of your company, you may be heading into a winter low-season. With customer numbers temporarily down, it’s a great time to crack-the-whip with your web development team, and get your site updated for mobile.

With Google’s recent algorithm updates, your site’s ‘mobile friendliness’ now has a major influence on the way it is ranked. Sites that are not optimised for mobile will now appear lower in Google’s search results.

Mobile accounts for over 60% of all Google search, double that of 2014. With mobile search growing ten times times faster than desktop, travel businesses without a mobile ready site stand to lose up to a third of their traffic.

If you’re a travel business that works hard to optimise the mobile experience for customers, you’ll benefit from improved mobile SEO over competitors that are lagging behind. If you’re one of the companies lagging, with winter approaching, now’s the perfect time to take stock and assess your mobile strategy.

To test your site with Google’s new algorithm changes, check out: