Tour Operators & Suppliers

Hero is a B2B travel booking platform which connects retail and online travel agents, hotel concierge and visitor information centres with their favourite suppliers - like you!

Benefits to You

New Agents: List your products on Hero to connect with a wider range of agents - in your local area, out of town and overseas.

Incentivised Agents: With Hero, agents can see a real-time
record of their personal and company sales and commission. With speedy commission payments direct into their bank accounts, agents are incentivised to sell more!

Live Bookings via API: Receive 'live' bookings direct into your manifest via Hero's API links with many of the world's best travel reservation systems, including Fareharbor, Rezdy, SiteMinder, CheckFront, CustomLinc, Respax and more.

Phone Bookings: If you do not use a reservation system or if integration is not possible, no worries, Hero agents will simply book with you by via phone.

Email Confirmations. Unlike other wholesale systems, with Hero you are notified of the name, agency and contact details for every agent who books your products. This allows you to build relationships with new and existing agents, reward agents who book you the most, and identify training and product-knowledge issues.

Tickets. Hero generates travel vouchers instantly, containing everything the passenger needs to know, including your company name & contact number, start time & location, important information inc what to wear and bring and your cancellation & refund policy.

Commissions. With Hero, you have complete control over your commission spend. We load your products with your standard agency commission rate, which you can adjust at any time. If you wish to offering varying commissions to different agents, just let us know, and we’ll set this up.

Automated Payments: Receive automated net payments direct into your bank account, without the need to issue invoices and statements or chase payments.

Refunds: With Hero you're guaranteed payment, as per your refund policy, in cases of cancellations and customer no-shows.

Agent Training: Broadcast sales, promotions and training messages to Hero's agent network.

Agents love Hero as it provides all the tools they need to run their businesses more effectively. It simplifies bookings, automates finance and eliminates administration, helping agents spend more time on what's important - promoting and selling your products!

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