Claiming open-dated vouchers

Hero’s ‘open-dated’ ticketing option allows agents to sell your product at a fixed rate and offer customers the flexibility to travel anytime within the voucher validity period.

This is perfect for customers who are on long-duration trips with a flexible itinerary, such as backpackers, working holidaymakers, campervanners and international students.

Customers who hold open-dated tickets must contact your reservations team to request a travel / check-in date, which is subject to your availability.

You are notified of every open-dated booking via email and once customers have travelled, to initiate payment, simply ‘claim’ your open-dated vouchers within Hero, using the steps outlined below.

(Note, this process is not necessary for dated-bookings, where remitance is processed automatically based upon the date of travel).

  • To claim an open-dated booking, navigate to your branch using the drop-down menu (top-right).
  • Within the Branch meno on the left of the screen, click Claims > New Claim.
  • Enter the 12-digit Hero Voucher Number
  • Click Confirm
  • This booking will now appear within your Current Claims, visible in your Branch Menu on the left.
  • Remittance will be initiated for Hero’s next payment run.
  • At the top of every Hero voucher is unique 12 digit Voucher Code HERO-XXXX-XXXX. You need this Voucher Code to claim open-dated bookings.If you do not have a Voucher Code for a completed open-dated booking, please contact your booking agent.

It is your responsibility to review your company policies, content and pricing within Hero to ensure it is accurate and up-to-date.

If needed, adjust your policies to state that ‘Blocked out dates, minimum stays, and surcharges for vouchers sold open-dated may be imposed during busy periods. Please inquire when booking/confirming’.

Please log in and our support team will be available via live chat to assist where needed.