Frequently Asked Questions

Tourism Operators & Suppliers

What is Hero?

Hero is a BB2B travel booking platform, designed specifically for travel agents and resellers of tours, activities, accommodation and transport products.

Hero provides the tools and automated processes that an agent needs to operate their business business with speed,  efficiency and accountability – helping them to sell more of your products.

Hero provides travel agents with a portal to search for products and build quotes and itineraries, payment facilities to obtain PCI-compliant payments from their customers, website widgets to sell products online, a global marketplace of products to promote and sell and detailed reporting tools to manage sales and commissions.

Hero is powered by ‘live’ connections with supplier reservation system and an automated weekly payment cycle, ensuring all parties receive funds on-time, everytime!

What software do I need to use Hero?

Hero is a cloud-based solution – no installation of software is needed. Simply access Hero via a computer, laptop or tablet running a modern browser, ideally Chrome.

What does it cost to use Hero?

Hero simply charges a small percentage fee for each booking, deducted from the total commission that you offer to agents on the platform.

What is the minimum commitment period

Hero Supplier Agreement is for a term of 24-months with auto-renewal every year afterwards. However, you are not bound to use Hero and can de-list your products at any time without penalty.

What commission rate is required to list on Hero?

With Hero, you have complete control over your net rates and commissions. Set a standard commission rate for all bookings or varying commission levels for your preferred Hero agents. It’s up to you!

What products can be listed on Hero?

Hero allows product listings within the following categories:

  • Tours, Activities & Attractions
  • Accommodation
  • Transport (Bus & Rail)
  • Self-drive (Car hire & Campervans)

Hero does not currently support:

  • Flights

Does Hero support product in all regions, worldwide?

Hero’s product marketplace is growing and products can be loaded in any region. However, payments to suppliers can be processed in the following currencies only:

  • AUD Australian Dollars
  • CAD Canadian Dollars
  • NZD New Zealand Dollars

How do I list my products on Hero?

After completing Hero’s Supplier Agreement, Hero’s Support Team will oversee the loading of your products into the Hero Marketplace, ready for you to check and approve and manage in future.

Where possible, your product details, rates and inventory will be connected ‘live’ via Hero API links with industry-leading reservation systems. If connection is not possible, product content will be loaded manually.

Which Reservation Systems is Hero connected to?

If you use on of the following systems to manage your rates and inventory, Hero can connect with you:

  • Charts PMS
  • Checkfront
  • Customlinc
  • Fareharbor
  • ProCharter
  • Siteminder
  • Rezdy
  • Respax
  • Zaui

How many products can I list for sale on Hero?

There is no limit to the number of products that you can list on Hero.

How and when do I get paid for bookings via Hero?

With Hero, tickets are ‘auto-claimed’ and payments initiated prior to the date of travel, based upon your cancellation and refund policy. Receive automated net payments direct into your bank account each week, without the need to issue invoices and statements or chase payments.

How can I guarantee my payments are secure?

With Hero, your agent debt liability is reduced. Funds are safeguarded and stored securely in trust. Payments are disbursed automatically in a weekly payment cycle.

What about cancellations, refunds and no-shows?

With Hero, Customers pay in advance and in full for all bookings, enabling us to process payments and refunds to suppliers, agents and customers, as required, in line with your cancellation policies. Your policies are easily configured in Hero and you have added peace of mind knowing they’ll be paid in full for any ‘no-shows’.

Can I see which agents have booked my product?

Hero’s comprehensive reporting tools allow you to see a detailed record of all your agent bookings. Compare agent performance in real-time, reward agents who book you the most and identify training and product-knowledge issues.