Tour Guides & DMCs

Sell all your favourite experiences on-the-go.

Empower your Tour Guides with the ultimate digital solution for managing on-tour activity bookings. Hero helps you enhance customer service, eliminate cash-handling risk and automate your payment flow from customers to suppliers and guides.

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Better Bookings

Digital bookings with all your suppliers.

Hero’s API connections with supplier reservation systems allow easy, instant bookings 24/7. For non-integrated suppliers, booking requests are sent and confirmed by Hero’s Smart-SMS. No internet, no worries¬† – you can always book by phone.

Perfect Payments

PCI-Secure digital cardless transactions.

No more handling cash! For ultimate convenience and security, cardless customer payments are processed digitally within Hero, delayed until after activities have been supplied, in case of cancellations.

Realtime Reports

Never lose track of your sales.

Hero’s detailed reports ensure Guides, their employers and Suppliers have complete visibility of sales and commission earned. Never lose track of a sale and get paid exactly what your expect.

Satisfied Suppliers

More bookings. No more admin.

Your suppliers receive payments direct into their bank account automatically. No invoicing required. Suppliers can load unique products, rates and commissions exclusively for you.

Superior Support

Hero's onboarding team will work with you to onboard your region.

Commission Split

Automated commission share with Drivers & Guides.

Set commission-share rules within Hero and your commission earnings are automatically divided and disbursed to your Drivers, Guides, DMCs and your Company via EFT.

API Connectivity

Power live bookings within your own Customer Travel App.

Connect to Hero by API and use our Booking Widget and Package Builder technology to enable customers to purchase ‘self-serve’ within your own Travel App.

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