We’re pleased to announce Hero’s latest feature – Commission Split Beneficiaries, supercharging the way agents share commission with staff, referring parties, landlords & charities.

Hero’s Commission Split feature allows your Branch commission to be ‘split’ and automatically paid out to individual Beneficiaries, rather than paid in full to your Agency.

This is ideal if you wish to reward your team with a share of all commission they generate, or if you have a commission share arrangement with a referring partner, landlord or other third party.

You simply set the rules and Hero takes care of reporting, remittance and payments, for example:

  • X% of commission is paid to your Agency
  • Y% of commission is paid to the Team Member who created the quote
  • Z% of commission is paid to your Landlord / Preferred Charity / Referring Partner


Reporting & Remittance

Beneficiaries can be assigned with different access levels to view reports and remittance advice. For example:

  • Full access to Sales, Reports & Commissions (For your Team)
  • Restricted to Reports (For third parties)


Payments can be disbursed weekly or monthly. If needed, Beneficiaries can even receive funds in a currency / country different to that of your Agency.


Want more info?

To find out more about Hero’s Commission Split Beneficiary feature, fees and availability – get in touch with us.