Hero integrates with your reservations system to deliver 'live' agent bookings and automated payments

Grow sales

More bookings from new & existing agents

List your products on Hero to connect with new retail and online travel agents, wholesalers and resellers in your local area, out of town and overseas.

Receive the name and contact details of every agent who books with you, enabling you to make contact, build relationships and grow your bookings!


Connected to your reservations system

We don’t replace your reservation system.

Hero integrates with your existing reservations software to deliver agent bookings direct into your ‘live’ manifest. Or, receive Booking Requests via email or SMS, which you can easily accept or deny with a click. All bookings are confirmed via email.


Control your commission rates

There’s no commission minimum to list on Hero. The level of commission you offer is up to you!

With Hero, you have complete control over your net rates and commissions. Set a standard commission rate for all bookings via Hero or use set varying commission levels for your preferred Hero agents.


Realtime Reports.

Hero’s advanced reporting provides you with real-time stats on agent sales by region, agency and individual sales agent. Everything you need at your fingertips.


Automated Invoicing

Hero produces recipient-generated tax invoices on your behalf automatically every week.


Faster payments paid automatically!

With Hero, tickets ‘auto-claim’ once travel / check-in has commenced and you get paid weekly! Receive automated net payments direct into your bank account each week, without the need to claim dated tickets, issue invoices and statements or chase payments.


Funds held in securely in Trust

With Hero, your agent debt liability is reduced. Funds are safeguarded by Hero and stored securely in trust. You don’t need agents to complete agent application forms and supply guarantees and credit references – it’s all covered by Hero.

No Shows

Simple Refunds & Get Paid for No Shows

Customers pay in advance for all bookings, enabling Hero to process cancellations and refunds in accordance with your cancellation policies. Your policies are easily configured in Hero and operators have added peace of mind knowing they’ll be paid in full for no-shows.