Technology Suite

Hero Wholesale

Leverage Hero's technology to digitise bookings and automate payments between your network of agents and suppliers.

Cloud Based

Access anytime, anywhere

Your team and staff within your agency network simply access your unique instance of the Hero Agent Portal via desktop or tablet using Chrome. No software installations required.


All your suppliers in one place

Your agents use the Hero Portal to access your curated marketplace of tours, activities, accommodation and transport products. Product content is managed by Hero and can be overwritten by you.


Live rates, availability & instant bookings

Your suppliers receive ‘live’ bookings from your agents via Hero’s API connections with leading supplier reservation systems.


Automated agency payments

Invoices and statements are automatically calculated, generated and disbursed to your agents based upon credit terms set by you.


Automated accounting

Remittance advice is generated and supplier payments are paid automatically by Hero, eliminating your accounts payable burden.


Uncapped commissions!

Commision rates in Hero’s Marketplace are set by suppliers. Access great commissions immediately and negotiate unique comms direct with your suppliers.

  • Cloud-based portal
  • Access anytime, anywhere
  • Desktop or iPad
  • Global product marketplace
  • Live rates & availability
  • Book at agent rates
  • Negotiate unique comms
  • Tour itinerary builder
  • Customer profiles
  • Automated bookings
  • Send digital quotes
  • New product notification
  • Multiple team users
  • Multi Branch Locations
  • Live rates schedules & availability
  • Keyword search
  • Location-based search
  • Duration-based search
  • Product Favourites
  • Digital receipts
  • Square POS integration
  • Template Builder
  • Package Builder
  • Quote Cloning
  • Quote Linking
  • Quote Notes
  • Activity Log
  • Origin tracking
  • Show / Hide commissions
  • Keyword search
  • Secure customer data
  • Real time sales & commission reports
  • Live chat support
  • Product onboarding team