Lost in Australia, you're a Hero!

We want to put a shout out to our great friends at Lost in Australia. With the launch of a gorgeous new website, Lost in Australia now donates a percentage of its profits to organisations that protect wildlife and work to conserve the environment.

During the booking process, customers are asked to choose an organisation that they wish to support, including the Save the Orangutan Foundation, Wildlife Warriors, Sea Shepherd or Jane Goodall Foundation. Alternatively, customers can nominate a preferred charity that they wish to support instead.

The donation comes at no extra cost to Lost in Australia’s customers.

Hero and the team at Lost in Australia have worked closely since 2015 and we’re blown away by their professionalism and passion for travel.

To learn more about Lost in Australia and see the great work they’re doing to help ensure that our natural wonders are here to be shared with future generations, visit: https://lostinaustralia.org/help-us-save-wildlife